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Malicious Publications Against Mr Aniekan Umanah, Honourable Commissioner for Information in Global Concord Newspaper and Internet Fora May 24, 2012

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Re: Malicious Publications Against Mr Aniekan Umanah, Honourable Commissioner for Information in Global Concord Newspaper and Internet Fora


The attention of the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communications in Akwa Ibom State, Mr Aniekan Umanah, has been drawn to a nasty fictitious story circulated on some internet fora and later on a notorious rag sheet that circulates in the State under the name Global Concord Newspaper.

The rag sheet in her edition of Wednesday, May 23, 2012 alleged that the Honorable Commissioner was in an unidentified location in Uyo on Wednesday May 16, 2012, where he was said to be at the center of a brawl that resulted in the hospitalization of certain unnamed persons.

Basically it is not difficult to situate this phony tale within the prism of the Professor Michael Bakurn’s Conspiracy Theory which seeks to explain such an event as a result of a secret plot by exceptionally cunning conspirators to achieve a malevolent end.

The spurious spin as could be clearly seen is an ill-conceived, calculated ploy by a gang of conspirators that aims at nothing short of distracting the Honourable Commissioner from his cardinal objective of supporting and propagating the transformational agenda of His Excellency, Governor Godswill Akpabio’s administration.

For the avoidance of doubt, the said story in its entirety is a tissue of lies that is not even worth the paper it was printed on, and forms part of the orchestrated campaign of calumny against the commissioner in a bid to dampening his spirit, especially in his dogged effort at effectively communicating the laudable achievements of the Akpabio-led administration.

Permit me therefore to raise the following pertinent questions which the cohorts cum-journalists failed to answer:

Which hotel did the incident take place and which security personnel at that location took note of it?

Since the so-called brawl involved injury, which hospital effected the treatment of the victim(s)?

Which Police Station was the matter reported to?

The phantom story is extremely ridiculous in the sense that the writer(s) failed to come to terms with the reality that the Honourable Commissioner was not even in the state, as he was attending official state functions in Abuja and Lagos respectively.

If these internet scavengers and so-called Global Concord practitioners had exercised a little patience, and had done their homework well, it could have been easy for them to realize that the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mr. Aniekan Umanah who had departed Akwa Ibom on Monday May 14, 2012 for Abuja only returned to the State on Thursday May 17, 2012, a day after the alleged event took place.  Specifically, on the said date of the incidence, that is Wednesday May 16, Mr Umanah who had earlier interacted with a section of the Press in Abuja, boarded First Nation Airline from Abuja to Lagos, and on the morning of Friday May 17, at about 11am, Aniekan Umanah who was on board a Dana Airline, touched down at the Akwa Ibom International Airport.

Ordinarily since the said online news medium and the sheets of paper are deficient in integrity and thrive in sensationalism and falsehood, and the so-called newspaper is neither registered nor is recognised by law, we would not have bothered to dignify them with a response. But since the Commissioner’s name has been so falsely smeared, it is our belief that we owe the public a duty to expose this blatant lie in its entirety and to correct the erroneous impression it may have created on the minds of right thinking members of the public.

It is instructive to note that it is not difficult to see where all these are coming from especially with the local government elections coming up few days from now, and the steady and geometric rise in the profile of Governor Godswill Akpabio the Uncommon Achiever which is bound to propel the Peoples Democratic Party to a comprehensive victory. As a dubious political strategy, the falsehood, propaganda and blackmail from the desperate and failed opposition elements, expectedly, is bound to increase in intensity through campaigns of calumny to rub tar on the budding feathers of the State government.

As soon as this piece of trash purportedly written by a non – existent Mecky I. Peter was published on Thursday, May 17, 2012, we set out on a preliminary investigation to unravel the mystery behind this high level of malicious attack and have traced the originating message to a computer set in the United State of America with the Internet Protocol number:  (m3grp.sp.yahoo.com, and the location is in Sunnyville. The Internet Protocol number of a computer set belonging to one Thomson Essien which feeds the bulk of lies on the site has also been traced and clearly established.

PotterGrind.wordpress.com, the internet site which first published this bogus story on the May 17 2012, is owned and managed by two dissident Akwa Ibom indigenes currently facing trial in the United States of America, Thompson Essien and Nicholas Edet (Oduduabasi), who are both sworn enemies of the uncommon transformation agenda of the Akpabio administration and are fond of using several internet fora  to discredit Governor Akpabio and his lieutenants.

This duo and their co-travellers are even more up in arms against the Commissioner because of misconceptions about Mr Umanah’s role in their current legal travail and subpoenas over involvement in promoting international terrorism and cyber criminal activities.

Is it not absurd that in this era were almost every phone has a camera, someone has failed to take even an amateur photograph of the incident, as pictures don’t lie, neither has the hotel name or identity of any of the parties been mentioned. This story is certainly, yet another attempt to disparage the person and office of Mr Aniekan Umanah. What makes it all the more laughable is that it came barely two weeks after a certain Idiongo Clayton Udoh, also based in the United States alleged that the commissioner “stole” his intellectual property in respect of the recently acquired digital transmitters for the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation, AKBC.

It points to the fact that this is the handiwork of a certain spin group which considers the Information maestro as the buffer zone they need to cross in order to rub mud on the towering image of the government of Chief Godswill Akpabio.

I wish to state categorically that if the intention of this bunch of blackmailers was to lower the morale of the Commissioner, then they have failed woefully, as Mr Umanah is as unruffled as ever and has dismissed the story as arrant nonsense by jobless attention seekers.

After all, are these not the same internet tigers that popped champagne in their hallucinations few weeks ago that their ‘greatest enemy’ was no longer going to make it into the State executive council?

Again, this amateurish writing has merely ended up exposing the nakedness of the Global Concord gladiators and their faceless sponsors.

While it is easy to dismiss the perpetrators of these spurious allegations as mere attention seekers, let us not forget that it is important to condemn their inactions in strong terms and cause the perpetrators to face the full weight of the law, to serve as a deterrent to other deceptive and imaginary tale peddlers.

As was clearly agreed during the recent World Press Freedom Day Celebration, inasmuch as there are enormous benefits from the advent of the new media, and her complimentary role to existing mass media channels, there is every need for caution and legislation to be applied in their usage, to prevent innocent members of the public from being sacrificed on the altar of political Armageddon with libelous and unsubstantiated allegations.

On this premise, I hereby call on the peddlers of this fictitious story, notably Thomas Thomas, Unyime Ekwere, Solomon Johnny of Global Concord Newspaper and their gang of cyber hooligans, to without delay, retract the story and tender an unreserved apology to Mr. Aniekan Umanah within seven days, failure of which full legal actions will be taken against all of them.

Finally, let me convey the appreciation of the Honourable Commissioner to media men and particularly the majority of the local press who have continued to display professionalism and objectivity in the discharge of their functions. Please let’s not relent in upholding the virtues of truth in journalism, for as Dele Giwa put it, “the victory of evil over good can only be, but temporary”.


Essien Ndueso

Special Assistant (Media)

To  Hon. Commissioner for Information & Communications




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